Interested in renting our arch?

Nothing enhances a race like a big ol’ puffy arch!

Arch Dimensions

Outside Width 20 feet

Opening Width 14 feet

Height 16 feet

There are numerous attachment points for banners – ask us for specific details if you are ordering your own banners.

The arch is an inflatable arch which uses a simple 15 amp/120 volt service.

Two Options

Option 1: You Pick It Up!

What it involves?

You come to our location in Cloquet for a 30 minute demo.

You take the arch and use it for your race.

You return the arch within 3 days of your event.


$100 deposit – returned upon return of undamaged arch.

$100 rental fee.

This Includes:

Arch and sand bags for anchoring

Stakes for anchoring if in grass/sand

100 feet of power cord

Option 2: We come and do the work for you!

What it involves?

Contact us for availability.

Reserve our arch for your race.

We come to your race and will have the arch set-up one hour prior to the start of your event.

We will stick around until the last person crosses the finish line (we won’t take it down until clean-up starts.)

Basically, you don’t have to do anything.


$100 deposit – returned upon successful completion of race without damage - if we damage it while we’re at your race, that’s obviously our own fault – we wouldn’t place liability on you.

$250 rental fee – again, we come and do all of the work.


If we set it up we will not charge for power cords. If we aren't setting it up we charge $20 for 300 feet of power cords.

$40 for a 2000 watt honda generator - you obviously don’t need this if a power source is near-by.

$30 for a finish line and/or start line banner.

Ask us about our dimensions if you would like to supply your own banners.

Hint: we go to

don’t be cheap – have your banners made with grommets, you’ll thank me later!

For more questions call Jeff at 218.310.4271 or email

Thanks for your interest!